We are focused on the development of official mobile apps for around 40 sports clubs coming from 8 different countries in Central and South America. Some of these clubs that are best known are: San Lorenzo de Almagro, Club Atlético Newell’s Old Boys, Club Atlético Rosario Central and Liga Deportiva Universitaria










Associação Desportiva São Caetano

São Caetano is a Brazilian soccer team founded in December 1989 and established in the city of São Caetano do Sul. It plays in Série A1 of the Paulista Championship.

ABC Futebol Clube

ABC Futebol Clube is a soccer club from the Brazilian city Natal. This team was founded in June 1915 and its name was chosen in honor to the ABC Pact, an alliance between Brazil, Argentina and Chile. ABC Futebol Clube plays in Série D of the Brazilian championship.

Atlético Clube Goianiense

Atlético Clube Goianiense, also known as "Dragão", is the soccer team in Goiás, Brazil with a long tradition. Fans often call it "Rubro Negro". It plays in Brazil Série A and they also participate in international matches. Dragão experienced more than 80 years of glory and traditions.

Clube de Regatas Brasil

Clube de Regatas CRC is a soccer club from the city of Maceió in Alagoas Brazil. It plays in Série B of the Brazilian championship. They are known for the popular stadium "Rei Pelé" and its 29 titles, making them one of the most important soccer teams in the region.

Federação Pernambucana de Futebol

Federação Pernambucana de Futebol was founded in 1915 in the city of Recife, Pernambuco. The club is well known by the acronym FPF. It is the responsible administrator of the lower level competitions such as the Pernambucano Football Championship and Pernambuco Cup.

São Bernardo Futebol Clube

São Bernardo Futebol Clube is a Brazilian soccer club from the city of São Bernardo do Campo. It was founded in 2004 which means it is one of the youngest soccer clubs to compete in the Paulista tournament in Série A2.

Santa Cruz Futebol Clube

This soccer club is considered one of the most important clubs in Recife, Santa Cruz. It had many victories during the 100 years of its history, including the "Pernambuco Regionals" championship. Santa Cruz Futebol Clube has even been recognized with the blue-ribbon award from the Brazilian Football Confederation CBF, an award given to those teams that never lost a game in a competition abroad.

Você Sabia Futebol

Você Sabia Futebol is a Brazilian media outlet specialized in football facts and stats. Based on popular and technical vote, it has been ranked twice as one of Brazil's top 3 digital media companies. Você Sabia Futebol reaches one million followers in social media.

Esporte Clube XV de Novembro

This club was founded on the 15th of November 15 1913 as the official team in their hometown Piracicaba, São Paulo in Brazil. Esporte Clube XV plays for the Paulista Championship: "Campeonato Paulista".

Club Atlético Huracán

Atlético Huracán is a social sport club from Parque Patricios neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. "El Globo", as their fans call them for its balloon shaped logo, plays in Argentina's first division and they have third best scoring result in the Argentine’s football history.

Club Atlético Unión

Atlético Unión is a social sport club from the city of Santa Fe, Argentina. It was founded in April 1907. Their main sports discipline is professional soccer and they play in the first division of Argentinian football.

Club Atlético Rosario Central

Atlético Rosario Central is a social sport club from Rosario, Argentina. This professional football club is known as the "the cradle of football" because it was once home of the world's best soccer players including Messi, Angel Di Maria and Mauro Icardi.

Club Atlético Lanús

Club Atlético Lanús was founded in 1915 in the city of Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina. As well as other Argentinian soccer clubs, Lanús provides many sport disciplines, but it's the male football and basketball team that take lead in the country's first division.

Club Atlético Newell's Old Boys

Club Atlético Newell's Old Boys was founded in 1903 in the city of Rosario, Argentina. Newell's football team holds 28 official tittles becoming one of Argentina's most important clubs. It is known as a hotbed for managers including Pochettino, Valdano, Tata Martino and Marcelo Bielsa.

Club Atlético Temperley

Club Atlético Temperley is 108 years old soccer club from the South of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has around 7500 active members and more than 25 amateur sport disciplines. Temperley soccer team plays in the second division of the Argentinian football league system.

Club Atlético Temperley

San Lorenzo was founded in 1908 in their hometown Boedo, Argentina. It became one of Argentina's largest football clubs and one of America's most popular soccer teams. San Lorenzo was crowned champion 20 times, including 3 international cups. In 2014 they won "Copa Libertadores" for the first time and faced Real Madrid in the FIFA Club World Club championship.

Club Deportivo Godoy Cruz

Club Deportivo Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba, known as "Tomba" or simply "Godoy Cruz" is a social sport club from the city of Mendoza, Argentina. This club provides over 15 sports disciplines, including this professional soccer team playing in the first division of Argentinian football.

Club Atlético Banfield

Club Atlético Banfield is one of Argentina's oldest football clubs. It was founded in 1896 in the city of Banfield, Buenos Aires, by mostly English railway workers. This team holds an unbeatable record as the maximum soccer win in a professional match: 13-1.

Club Social y Deportivo Municipal

This team started as a small borough employees’ squad in 1936 but it developed into one of the most popular soccer teams in Guatemala. Known as simply “Rojos” which means “Reds”, Municipal plays in Guatemala City and is proud to be Guatemala’s most awarded soccer team.

Guadalupe Fútbol Club

One of Costa Rica’s youngest teams, Guadalupe FC was founded in 2017 in the capital city of San José. Guadalupe plays in the first division and it is a home for national and international young talent. Guadalupe Fútbol Club continues to develop to become a champion for the first time.

Club Sport Herediano

Founded in 1921 in the province of Heredia Costa Rica, Club Sport Herediano was crowned the first national champion of Costa Rican soccer that same year. Known as “El Team”, Club Sport Herediano continues to play in Costa Rica’s first division.

Club Deportivo O'Higgins

Club Deportivo O'Higgins or O'Higgins Fútbol Club, as called today, is a professional Chilean soccer team from the city of Rancagua. It was founded on April 7, 1955 and it plays in the First Division of Chile. It has played in 8 international tournaments, which makes it the second provincial team with the most international participations, behind Cobreloa, and sixth at the national level.

Everton de Viña del Mar

Everton de Viña del Mar is a Chilean sports club based in the city of Viña del Mar, in the Valparaíso Region. It currently plays in the First Division of Chile. It was founded on June 24, 1909 in Valparaíso by a group of English immigrants led by David Foxley. Throughout its history, the club has ventured into different sports disciplines, however, its main activity at a professional level has been soccer since it joined the Chilean First Division in 1944.


It is a sports association made up of the professional clubs that participate in the first category of the Ecuadorian Soccer Championship. It was created in 2018 and is part of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF)

Independiente del Valle

Independiente del Valle is an Ecuadorian sports club originally from the city of Sangolquí . It was founded on March 1, 1958 by Jose "Pepe" Teran, concierge Municipality Sangolquí and shoemaker, with a group of friends made up of carpenters, tailors and shoemakers. In 2016 the club achieved one of the greatest achievements in its history, by becoming runner-up in the most important tournament in South American football, the Copa Libertadores de América.

Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito

Liga Deportiva Universitaria, also known as Liga de Quito, simply Liga or by its acronym LDU, is an Ecuadorian sports club originally from the city of Quito. It was founded on January 11, 1930, although its activities began in 1918 as a university football team of the Central University of Ecuador, called Club Universitario. Its main discipline is soccer, in which it is part of Serie A in Ecuador since 1960. It is internationally recognized as one of the greatest in Ecuador. It is the first Ecuadorian team to win an international tournament, the Copa Libertadores de América in 2008. In total it has achieved 26 official titles of the highest category in this discipline, after winning 4 international tournaments (the Copa Libertadores 2008, the Copa Sudamericana 2009 and the South American Recopas 2009 and 2010).

Sport Boys Association

The Sport Boys Association, known mostly as Sport Boys, or simply the Boys; is a Peruvian soccer club of the Constitutional Province of Callao. It was founded on July 28, 1927 and currently plays in the First Division of Peru. It is considered the fourth largest Peruvian soccer team, as it has won the Peruvian soccer championship six times.

Club Sportivo Cienciano

Club Cienciano, better known simply as Cienciano, is a Peruvian soccer club from the city of Cusco. It was founded on July 8, 1901, being one of the oldest clubs in Peru, with 119 years of history. After spending 31 years in the First Division, it was demoted in 2015. In 2019 they were the champions in the Second Division and returned to play in the first division in 2020. It is the first and only Peruvian team that has won official FIFA international tournaments and Conmebol, by obtaining the Copa Sudamericana in 2003 and the Recopa Sudamericana in 2004. It also won in 3 local championship tournaments (Clausura 2001, Apertura 2005 and Clausura 2006), National Champion League 2 2019, 3 Peru Region VII Cups and 2 South Regional Cups; and at the departmental level, 3 Municipal Cups and 28 Cups of the Departmental League of Cusco.

Club Necaxa

Founded in 1923, Club Necaxa is now the official team of the Mexican state of Aguas Calientes. Known as “Rayos” with white and red stripes uniforms, Club Necaxa was the first Mexican team to play in FIFA’s Club World Cup in year 2000. Necaxa continues to play in the Mexican first division Liga MX.

Club de Fútbol Pachuca

Pachuca FC is known as the first soccer team in Mexico with more than 125 years of existence. Located in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo, Pachuca plays in the Mexican first division Liga MX and holds the title as the first and so far the only Mexican club that has achieved a South American Football confederation tittle.

Mineros de Zacatecas

Taking their name from Mexico’s history of silver mining, Mineros was founded in 1986 in the state of Zacatecas. Even though they are a relatively young team, Club Deportivo Mineros de Zacatecas already made Mexican soccer history as the fastest team to score a goal in a match: only four seconds in the game.

América de Cali

América de Cali, known simply as América, is a Colombian soccer club founded on February 13, 1927 in the city of Cali. It is considered one of the biggest clubs in Colombia and one of the most representative in South America. It plays its matches at the Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium and the color that identifies the club since its inception is scarlet red.

Once Caldas S.A.

Once Caldas S.A., or better known as Once Caldas, is a soccer club from Colombia. It is based in the city of Manizales, department of Caldas. It was re-founded on January 16, 1961 based on the heritage of Deportes Caldas, a team that had played the first four championships in the First A Category between 1948 and 1952. Currently it plays in the First A Category of Colombia.


Futbolete is a Colombian company that acts as a news portal that specializes in information on national and international soccer, the National Team and other topics of interest to soccer fans. They are present in Colombia for more than 10 years. Their main focus is on the passion of soccer fans to create communities, experiences, services, content.

Deportivo Independiente de Medellín

Deportivo Independiente Medellín (DIM) is a Colombian football club founded under the name of "Medellín Football Club" on November 14, 1913 by Alberto Uribe Piedrahíta. It is based in the city of Medellín, capital of the department of Antioquia. The Club currently plays in the First A Category of Colombian Professional Soccer. During their time as an amateur club, they were eight times national champions. They won the Antioquia First Division League championship eight times. Since the beginning of their time as a professional club in 1948, Independiente Medellín has won the Colombian championship six times (1955, 1957, 2002-II, 2004-I, 2009-II, and 2016-I), and twice the Colombia Cup (1981 and 2019).

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