Contact information

  • Meritum Soft d.o.o.
  • Frana Supila 7A
  • 42000 Varazdin
  • Croatia
  • Phone:+385 42 214 100
  • Fax:+385 42 214 111

New products

Meritum GIS Logo
  • Meritum GIS
  • No additional costs or licenses.
  • Web browser access to GIS data with no additional software.
  • View and manage all data within the browser interface.
  • Advance geographical analysis.
  • Desktop Win32 access to current geographical data.
  • Connectivity with other public service agencies.
  • Supported databases: Oracle SDO (XE) and MySQL.
BIG Baza Imovine Grada logo
  • BIG Baza Imovine Grada
  • Geographical mapping of city assets for review and analysis.
  • Management of base data for usage and expenses.
  • Management of rental data and lessees.
  • Intuitive and straight forward work environment.
  • Fully customizable administrative privileges.
  • Table and graphic views of statistics.
  • Reports available in PDF format.

our iPhone products

Reiner Knizia's Yoku-Gami iPhone App

Reiner Knizia's Yoku-Gami

  • Created by award winning game designer Dr. Reiner Knizia
  • Unique, challenging and addictive game.
  • Three different game types from which to choose.
  • Full Retina display support, local & global high scores.
  • Perfect game for you and your whole family.
Download Reiner Knizia's Yoku-Gami

Reiner Knizia's Yoku-Gami screenshot 1
Reiner Knizia's Yoku-Gami screenshot 2
Reiner Knizia's Yoku-Gami screenshot 3
Reiner Knizia's Yoku-Gami screenshot 4
Reiner Knizia's Yoku-Gami screenshot 5