Our solutions

» Our solutions are based on the expert knowledge of our team of professions and are not based on 3rd party licensed technology solutions.

» All our solutions are highly flexible and reliable.

» The development of solutions is based on our own technologies so we are able to guarantee the most cost effective solutions along with highly robust and dependable software.

» No additional costs or licenses are required.

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  • View and manage all data within the browser interface.
  • Advance geographical analysis.
  • Web browser access to GIS data with no additional software.
  • Desktop Win32 access to current geographical data.
  • Connectivity with other public service agencies.
  • No additional costs or licenses.
  • Supported databases: Oracle (SDO) & MySQL.
  • Our solution are self sufficient (no other components needed)
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  • Manage, analyze and view city assents on geodetic maps.
  • Management of public data, data of usage and costs.
  • Management of rental and leasing data.
  • Intuitive and straight forward work environment.
  • Administration of clients with fully customizable privileges.
  • Table and graphic view of statistics.
  • Reports available in PDF format.
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  • Monitoring and reporting in the field of Area Planning
  • Issued building permits record with related acts.
  • Tracking information about buildings, investors and documents.
  • Simple search for data by customized criteria.
  • Creating default or fully customized reports.
  • Reports available in PDF format.
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