Contact information

  • Meritum Soft d.o.o.
  • Frana Supila 7A
  • 42000 Varazdin
  • Croatia
  • Phone:+385 42 214 100
  • Fax:+385 42 214 111

New products

Meritum GIS Logo
  • Meritum GIS
  • No additional costs or licenses.
  • Web browser access to GIS data with no additional software.
  • View and manage all data within the browser interface.
  • Advance geographical analysis.
  • Desktop Win32 access to current geographical data.
  • Connectivity with other public service agencies.
  • Supported databases: Oracle SDO (XE) and MySQL.
BIG Baza Imovine Grada logo
  • BIG Baza Imovine Grada
  • Geographical mapping of city assets for review and analysis.
  • Management of base data for usage and expenses.
  • Management of rental data and lessees.
  • Intuitive and straight forward work environment.
  • Fully customizable administrative privileges.
  • Table and graphic views of statistics.
  • Reports available in PDF format.

Company profile

Meritum Soft d.o.o. consists of a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who understand and manage the information technologies of today. Employing our unique expertise we are able to achieve the highest returns on your investment.

We draw from more then ten years of extensive database development, modeling and developing of application solutions for varied clients from different areas of industry as well as from local and federal governments. Taking a unique approach with every client, we are able to develop a solution that covers the complete business needs of that situation.

We have gained the respect of our clients for the high quality and trustworthy solutions that we deliver on time and within budget. On this foundation we have grow into a highly respected technology company and a desired partner for global and multinational corporations looking for cost effective and technologically advanced web, affiliate, database and GIS solutions.

We keenly follow the newest technological trends and methodologies so we can provide your organization with the best and most modern ITC solutions for your unique situation.
We employ the most modern development tools and techniques to achieve the highest productivity from our solution implementation. We will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your new information system.

Regardless of whether we are developing a new system from the start, developing only part of the system or upgrading an existing system we provide complete and detailed support to our customers from beginning to full implementation.

Five reasons to choose Meritum Soft?
- Development and implementation of the system based completely on your own needs and desires;
- Developing of solutions in close and constant dialog with the customer;
- Flexibility and innovation in approaching problem solving;
- Your business needs always define our solutions;
- We employ a highly specialized knowledge base that is constantly being upgraded.

Our team and knowledge

Our most valuable asset is our team of highly productive and dedicated professionals with the following ICT credentials:

- Programming - PHP, Java, C++, AJAX, Objective C;
- Databases - developing and administration - MySQL, Oracle;
- Application developing for Windows and Mac OS;
- Installation and administation of web client - FreeBSD, Linux;
- Project management

Areas of our business knowledge are:
- GIS system;
- Ticketing and affiliate systems;
- Mailing systems;
- Asset management system;
- Business management software (BCM);
- Entertainment software;
- Experience in development of public services.

Unique IT solutions for you

Our solutions are based on the expert knowledge of our team and not based on using licensed technologies of other software developers. All our solutions are highly stable and reliable.

The development of custom solutions are based on our own in-house technologies which provide large financial benefits for our customers, along with highly reliable and independent solutions that do not require additional software licenses and their inherent restrictions.

Customers get "tailor made" solutions which are completely customized based on actual needs. In this way we achieve both financial savings and reduced development time, a more efficient and reliable solution.