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  • Croatia
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New products

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  • Meritum GIS
  • No additional costs or licenses.
  • Web browser access to GIS data with no additional software.
  • View and manage all data within the browser interface.
  • Advance geographical analysis.
  • Desktop Win32 access to current geographical data.
  • Connectivity with other public service agencies.
  • Supported databases: Oracle SDO (XE) and MySQL.
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  • BIG Baza Imovine Grada
  • Geographical mapping of city assets for review and analysis.
  • Management of base data for usage and expenses.
  • Management of rental data and lessees.
  • Intuitive and straight forward work environment.
  • Fully customizable administrative privileges.
  • Table and graphic views of statistics.
  • Reports available in PDF format.



The Geographic Information System (GIS) was developed by Meritum Soft d.o.o. in 2008 for georgraphical space management for city employees to access and manage data and plans. It is a stand alone system that is integrated with the existing city platform and management systems.

The system is based on the most modern and technologically advances GIS's. The database is build by collecting and processing unique data, outside sources of official data (DGU, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Commerce,...), specialty data (topographic maps, HOK, registry plans,...) and data from communal utilities which requires interfacing with their infrastructure.


Management and maintanence of the system will be accomplished within the principles of interoperability via suitable services keeping all necessary communication lines open.


The primary goal of the system is to allow relevant geographical, technical and reviewable views of the city premises from where the current city status can be observed and reviewed. Concurrently the system allows for the review and analysis of geographical plans for space management and tracking of the same status in space.


The solution is the Win32 desktop application and the database used for geographical data is Oracle SDO.


It is important to note that this solution, as with everything done by Meritum Soft, is a stand alone product that is free of the constraints of 3rd party licenses and is an exclusive product of our company.


The desktop application itself already contains implemented functionalities with similar tools for the graphical manipulation of content. In the system development we paid special attention towards a logical interface and the standardization of protocols, and we have combined all these elements into one single product.

The Meritum GIS product combines all of these functionalities:

- Vector content from standard dxf and shp files.
- Management and editing of layers from imported files in themed styles.
- Archiving of edited themes in the database as predefined, and unchangeable themes (read only).
- Re-editing and combining of content from predefined themes, and saving of newly created content in customer themes.
- Management of user accounts and grouping of system users, management of group privileges, individual accounts and customer themes.
- Drawing of simple graphical elements (text, lines, polygons, points) in customer defined layers and management of privileges for usage of the created elements.
- Placement of geographical queries in combination with geometry of viewable content.
- Measurement of distance and space with geometry.
- Basic information of selected geometry (type, theme layer, measurement, space).
- Interoperability with public system services of federal government (e-izvadak,
- Search of point (textual) geometries, as in plot numbers or local addresses.

Installation requirements:
   - Server: Oracle RDBMS with SDO option or Oracle XE (free)
   - Client: Windows OS (x86_64)