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  • Meritum Soft d.o.o.
  • Frana Supila 7A
  • 42000 Varazdin
  • Croatia
  • Phone:+385 42 214 100
  • Fax:+385 42 214 111

New products

Meritum GIS Logo
  • Meritum GIS
  • No additional costs or licenses.
  • Web browser access to GIS data with no additional software.
  • View and manage all data within the browser interface.
  • Advance geographical analysis.
  • Desktop Win32 access to current geographical data.
  • Connectivity with other public service agencies.
  • Supported databases: Oracle SDO (XE) and MySQL.
BIG Baza Imovine Grada logo
  • BIG Baza Imovine Grada
  • Geographical mapping of city assets for review and analysis.
  • Management of base data for usage and expenses.
  • Management of rental data and lessees.
  • Intuitive and straight forward work environment.
  • Fully customizable administrative privileges.
  • Table and graphic views of statistics.
  • Reports available in PDF format.

Baza Imovine Grada


Baza Imovine Grada is a unique software system in Croatia that allows evidencing, analysis and viewing of assets held by local municipalities on geometric maps. The system allows for the management of core data such as data of usage, expenses and income for each individual asset and complete support for user defined reporting and analysis.


Through this system the local government has 24 hour access to up-to-date information about its assets which allows for correct placement of it resources and management in order to use them most productively.


BIG is a web application developed in the PHP programming language using an Oracle database. It is completely platform independed.


For optimization, stability and performance it uses AJAX technology. Reports are generate in PDF format which makes them independent of the software allowing for greater universality. The reports can be used for digital distribution, presentation or for public posting on internet sites.


The system was develop on the model of asset management in combination with a project of the local municipality from management of the Urban Institute, in collaboration with local municipalities in Croatia. The system stands as the base for a productive and effective management tool. This model introduces new systematic access and growing productivity in asset management that is being used by local municipalities.

- Data management of assets, active and expired contracts.
- Data management of regular and irregular asset expenses.
- Input of basic and additional space.
- Review of historical data.
- Administration of application users and codes.
- Detailed statistics in table and graphical formats (based on clarification, asset group, asset type, status of space, zone and asset status).
- The uploading of photos and documents (contracts, maps, ...) for each individual asset unit.
- Filtering of data based on different criteria.
- Data search based on different criteria.
- Report generator in which each user selects the content of the record (PDF format).
- Generation of predefined reports in PDF format based on criteria that are set by the user (reports on assets, contract, lists based on space usage, ...).
- Automatic report generation for empty spaces or appartments on contract expiration.
- Warnings for "soon to be expired" contracts of business spaces, lessees and appartment rentals.

Server installation requirements:
- OS: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD
- PHP 5+ (free)
- Ion Cube Loader (free)
- Apache Web Server (free)
- Oracle XE (free)
- ImageMagick (free)